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How To Wear

  • Equestrian Liner Socks

    Equestrian Liner Socks

    Why Every Horseback Riding Enthusiast Needs ShowSocx by Hocsocx Horseback riding is not just about mastering the reins and cultivating a bond with your equine companion. It’s also about ensuring personal comfort and safety throughout the ride. As riders, we...

  • Ice Hockey Skate Liner Socks

    Ice Hockey Skate Liner Socks

    Wick Sweat With Hocsocx! Ice hockey is a sport that can DEFINITELY make a hardworking player super sweaty throughout games and practices. Due to the large amount of equipment worn on both the upper body and lower body, players can...

  • Running


    Train With Confidence Within the sport of running, muscle fatigue and soreness can last days or even weeks if you’re not recovering properly. The importance of rest days, recovery, and taking care of your body is immensely important for improvement and...

  • Ski Sock Liners - Base Layer Socks

    Ski Sock Liners - Base Layer Socks

    Keep your feet dry and warm with PowSocx! No one wants to be on the slopes with wet, cold feet. As a skier or snowboarder, there is no denying that wet feet are a common occurrence, which, unfortunately, tends to...

  • Soccer Calf Sleeves & Cleat Sock Liners

    Soccer Calf Sleeves & Cleat Sock Liners

    Hocsocx for SOCCER! Is there any sweatier feeling than finishing a long, hard soccer game or practice? When it comes to soccer, the constant running, sweating, and heavy breathing is a feeling you start to accept as the norm! While...

  • Other Uses

    Other Uses

    Healthcare workers, teachers, waitresses, and simply the everyday individual who enjoys walking daily can benefit from wearing these socks, as well as travelers sitting on planes for extended periods.