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Soccer Calf Sleeves & Cleat Sock Liners

Hocsocx for SOCCER!

Is there any sweatier feeling than finishing a long, hard soccer game or practice? When it comes to soccer, the constant running, sweating, and heavy breathing is a feeling you start to accept as the norm! While these factors are a big part of the game, shin guard rash is not! As an athlete, there is nothing worse than feeling off due to an injury or irritation. 

Unwavering support and protection

Available in a full foot knee-high sock or a footless knee-high sock, Hocsocx provides soccer players the opportunity to protect their shins from shin guards constantly worn during training and games. By providing a thin but durable liner, Hocsocx allows athletes to have this unnoticeable barrier, supporting them to focus on performance rather than being distracted by an itchy rash that is forming during play.   

How to wear: Full Hocsocx Socks

How to properly wear Hocsocx as a soccer player is crucial to getting the most out of your socks! If you’re someone who prefers a full footed under sock, before putting your shin guards on, grab your favorite pair of Hocsocx and place them on first, lightly pulling the sock up just underneath your knee. Once your liner sock is on, you can then place your shin guards and outer sock on like normal!

How to wear: Hocsocx Leg Sleeves

If you are an individual who prefers a footless sock, Hocsocx Leg Sleeves can be worn two different ways. The first method is just like the full footed sock, you pull the leg sleeve onto your leg and the sock sits right in place. However, if you’re someone who likes ankle coverage, pull the bottom of the leg sleeve below your ankle so it rests just underneath the arch of your foot. Both types of Hocsocx will not slide and will keep you feeling protected and comfortable all day! If preferred, you can additionally fold the top of the Hocsocx over the shin guard, providing both a barrier between the skin and the leg, as well as a stabilizer for your shin pad!