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Ice Hockey Skate Liner Socks

Wick Sweat With Hocsocx!

Ice hockey is a sport that can DEFINITELY make a hardworking player super sweaty throughout games and practices. Due to the large amount of equipment worn on both the upper body and lower body, players can often run into discomfort such as rashes and rubs caused by combination of bulky gear and sweat. As a solution, players often have to double up on clothing layers or wear long pants and sleeves to avoid this feeling. While this manages the rubs, it also creates additional reasons to be uncomfortable and sweatier! 

The ideal protection for your legs and feet

To prevent extra bulk and sweat, an even BETTER solution for ice hockey players has been created... Hocsocx! Hocsocx is made up of a thin but durable material that can be used for both legs AND arms, acting as a barrier between padding and gear. With the very breathable fabric combination of nylon and lycra, it encourages players to prevent and protect areas of aggravation without noticing what’s underneath their gear or facing distractions during play.  In addition to comfort, Hocsocx provide sweat-wicking properties helping in the protection from rash, as well as a bonus of aiding in preventing unpleasant odors caused by sweat and germ buildup underneath gear.  

Hocsocx for protecting your arms

Unlike many other sports, Hocsocx allows dual uses for ice hockey players! Offering full footed and footless socks for underneath shin guards and arm sleeves for the upper half of the body, the protection used and how to properly wear them for the sport of ice hockey is an easy process! Before putting on skates, shin guards, socks, and any other gear that goes below your knees begin by grabbing your favorite Hocsocx and placing them over your foot pulling up until they sit right below the knee. Once socks are comfortable in place, the remaining items within your gear can go on. As for the arm sleeves, simply pull sleeves over your wrist and place them on your arm, adjusting accordingly to where your gear ultimately rubs. Hocsocx will stay in place with no cases of rolling down or shifting!