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Other Uses

Make Them Your Own!

While Hocsocx are typically worn by athletes, there are often many other uses for these socks as well. Hocsocx, a liner sock, not only provide support and comfort, but additionally are thin and durable, and full of color and styles for all personalities and lifestyles!

Anyone Can Wear Hocsocx

Although the use of these socks tends to be geared toward athletes due to their benefits in rash and rub prevention, the use of Hocsocx extend beyond the athlete community. Healthcare workers, teachers, waitresses, and simply the everyday individual who enjoys walking daily can benefit from wearing these socks, as well as travelers sitting on planes for extended periods.

Protect Your Feet From Rubbing and Sweat!

Aside from their use within the athletic industry, Hocsocx are the "go-to" under-boot sock, and the comfortable line sock worn to work every day. Offering both a full footed and a footless sock, Hocsocx provides the ability to wear a sock layer without any extra bulk underneath clothing, as well as avoiding any rubbing cause by shoes or brace/ casts.

Hocsocx for Healthy Legs and Feet

Whether you are an athlete or a frontline worker, these socks are for ANYONE! Having support throughout your legs, whether that involves a high compression or not, is crucial for all individuals to maintain a healthy blood flow throughout the day no matter the activity. Hocsocx bring forth so many benefits of protection, performance, and personality. After all, it’s what’s underneath that counts!