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Ski Sock Liners - Base Layer Socks

Keep your feet dry and warm with PowSocx!

No one wants to be on the slopes with wet, cold feet. As a skier or snowboarder, there is no denying that wet feet are a common occurrence, which, unfortunately, tends to lead to numbness and discomfort from the constant sweaty or wet feeling in your boot all day. While it’s understood being on the mountain comes with unpredictability in weather, the coldness you feel in your toes should not stop you from taking on the day! 

Wick sweat with no added bulk

Although thick ski socks have been worn for centuries, there has yet to be a sock to help eliminate the feeling of unbearably cold feet! You may think, “why not just wear double the ski socks?” However, due to the thickness and overall composition of traditional ski socks, absorbing water and sweat rather than helping to achieve a dry effect is a common theme. PowSocx provides skiers and snowboarders a thin, comfortable, sweat-wicking layer to wear underneath their slightly thicker, wool ski sock.  

How we recommend wearing PowSocx:

To ultimately get the best results with keeping your feet dry and enjoying the best days on the mountain, we are sharing the most optimal way of wearing PowSocx while skiing on the slopes! Beginning with a pair PowSocx first, gently pull up the sock so it lays flat and smooth around your leg, providing no bulk or uncomfortable kinks in your boots. Following this, you can then place your favorite, slightly thicker ski sock over the top of the Hocsocx, providing another layer while still having minimal bulk. Although a thin sock, PowSocx can be worn solely underneath a ski boot without any other sock over, while still maintaining the sweat-wicking properties with keeping your feet warm! 

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