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About Hocsocx

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Hocsocx were founded by sports mom and pharmacist, Debbie, out of necessity for her daughters who play field hockey. Debbie founded that by wearing Hocsocx under their shin guards and pads, her daughters did not develop shin guard rash and irritation like many of their teammates. Our specially designed socks added no bulk to the shoe, stayed in place and felt amazing to wear. The girls loved them! Hocsocx were born!

Hocsocx made their public debut at the USA Field Hockey Festival in Pal Beach Gardens, FL on Thanksgiving Day 2012! They were a big hit! 

Hocsocx have been official suppliers to the USA Women's National Field Hockey team since 2013 and added the USA Men's National team in 2015.

While the original purpose for Hocsocx was for field hockey (Hoc) and soccer (Soc), they have been well received by other sports such as skiing, skating, ice hockey, and other active sports. Hocsocx are great for any activity that a wicking, thin liner sock are beneficial.

Hocsocx: Explained with 3 Important "P"s:


Against rash and rubs with a physical barrier and wicking properties.

Hocsocx are liner socks worn under shin guards and provide very specific benefits. Their special breathable fabric blend is designed specifically as shin guard rash protection. They are exceptionally comfortable, stay in place and are superior to shun guard sleeves because they don't ride up or fall down. For added comfort, the top wide band stays in place without binding.

Athletes who wear shin guards frequently develop skin irritation resulting in chronic rashes, sometimes known as Shin Guard Rash. Hocsocx provide a physical barrier that protects skin and significantly aids in rash prevention from shin guards. Our breathable fabric provides wicking properties that keep moisture away from aggravated areas.

As an added bonus, the physical barrier helps avoid buildup of sweat and germs, not only extending the life of the shin guards, but also preventing unpleasant odors.


Light compression increases muscular endurance and recovery.

Hocsocx are a high performance sports sock with exceptional protection, comfort and support compression that athletes require. Hocsocx are also breathable blend of polyester and spandex.

Clinical trials prove that wearing even mild support before, during and after physical activity improves blood flow to the muscles, increasing the rate at which waste and by-products leave the muscles. The end result is a reduction in muscle fatigue, quicker muscle recovery and increased physical performance.

The incredibly thin, durable Hocsocx design withstands high impact performance, without adding extra bulk in the athletic shoe like other shin guard socks. It performs better than compression sleeves or shin guard sleeves that tend to fall or ride up, or add too much compression.


We have unique designs and solid color socks to fit any personality. Show yours with any of our hundreds of designs or design your own Custom Hocsocx!

Hocsocx are available in unisex and youth sizes.