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The Fascinating Journey of Hocsocx: From a Sports Mom’s Kitchen to the USA National Teams


You may have heard of Hocsocx, the ultra-comfortable liner socks that have been a game-changer in the field of athletic wear. But do you know the inspiring story behind this unique product? It's not just another piece of sports gear; it's an innovation born out of necessity, with a heartfelt origin story that takes it from a sports mom's living room all the way to the USA National Teams.

The Mom Behind the Mission: Meet Debbie

The story of Hocsocx begins with Debbie, a sports mom and pharmacist. Her daughters were active field hockey players and, like many athletes, they often suffered from shin guard rash and irritation. Debbie knew she had to do something to help. With a keen sense for problem-solving and a background in pharmacology, she conceptualized the idea of Hocsocx.

Hocsocx were initially made to serve her daughters' specific needs. The result? Her daughters found that by wearing Hocsocx under their shin guards and pads, they didn't develop the dreaded rash or irritation that many of their teammates complained about. The socks added no bulk to the shoe, stayed in place, and were incredibly comfortable to wear. Her daughters loved them, and Hocsocx were born!

From Living Room to Limelight: The Public Debut

It didn't take long for Debbie to realize that her innovation could benefit other athletes as well. Hocsocx made their public debut on Thanksgiving Day 2012 at the USA Field Hockey Festival in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. And the reception was nothing short of phenomenal; they were a massive hit, and there was no looking back.

Going National: A Milestone Partnership

One of the most significant validations of Hocsocx's effectiveness and quality came in 2013 when they became the official suppliers to the USA Women's National Field Hockey team. The partnership was expanded in 2015 to include the USA Men's National team, making Hocsocx a staple in the highest levels of the sport.

Beyond Hockey and Soccer: A Versatile Athletic Wear

While the name Hocsocx blends "Hoc" from Hockey and "Soc" from Soccer, the utility of these socks has expanded far beyond these two sports. They have been embraced by athletes involved in skiing, skating, ice hockey, horseback riding, and various other active sports. The common denominator is the need for a wicking, thin liner sock that adds no bulk but offers comfort and protection—something Hocsocx does flawlessly.


What Athletes Are Saying

Players articulate how Hocsocx have become an essential part of their game, contributing not only to comfort but also to their overall performance. Hocsocx aren't just about preventing rashes or irritations; they're about enhancing your athletic experience. They make the game more enjoyable, and athletes feel more focused and less distracted by discomfort.


Hocsocx has come a long way from its humble origins in Debbie's living room. It's a story of how an intuitive mom turned a necessity into an innovation, benefiting not just her daughters but athletes across various sports and levels. From making its debut at a Field Hockey Festival to being a trusted part of the USA National Teams' gear, Hocsocx exemplifies what's possible when innovation meets necessity, backed by the love and support of a community.

So, the next time you slip on your pair of Hocsocx, remember—you're not just wearing a sock; you're wearing a piece of innovation, a slice of someone's care, and a testament to what community and necessity can achieve together.